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About Us

Welcome to our family farm located in Ohio's Amish Country. We are Paul and Fannie Mae and along with our eight daughters, we live on a working farm where we milk about 40 cows. We work our fields with draft horses and have our dogs as pets here on the farm along with a few goats, and rabbits. Taking care of the animals is our passion and we desire they all have happy, healthy, comfortable lives the way God intended. We are a certified organic farm and our cows are free to roam acres of lush green pasture during the years grazing seasons. 

Our daughters range in age from seven months to 16 years old. They also help out on the farm and each has their daily role to play in the care for the animals. Each has differing responsibilities based on age. 


Our farm name is Gentle Slope Farm and you will see that prefix on the AKC registrations of dogs that were raised on our farm. Six and half years ago we brought home our first golden retriever named Gentle Slope Frisky Gem. She is the mother of most of our young females. 


Gem no longer lives with us as she has gone to a new forever home as a retired mother. She is an impressive looking Golden that loved to play fetch or tag along while I was doing fieldwork. She would follow me around daily. One day while I was plowing she was out with me pretty well all morning. At this time she had a litter of pups about a week old and about noon I said: "Gem I think you should go check on your puppies". She then took off across the field and was gone long enough that I assume she fed them and came back and followed me for the rest of the afternoon. That's just the kind of good dog she is. Her bloodline is alive in most of our current females and we love to know her legacy continues on through them and the puppies we raise.  


About a year ago we also decided to make the addition of a couple of Bernes Mountian Dog females. We had heard great things about the breed. I have come to appreciate their beauty and intelligence for myself as well. They have made a great addition to our family and we love spending time with them as well.


In both the Golden Retriever and Bernes Mountian Dog breeds, we look for strong confirmation focused on health. We want to raise strong healthy puppies with beauty and good personality and temperament. We look for flowing coats and good bone structure. I myself am partial to more blocky head shape and stocky build. After having a few customers ask we have now also begun raising designer breeds. We have raised both Mini Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles. These crosses with poodle males produce a more hypoallergenic dog that is not as likely not shed. These are popular breeds with may families and they have great temperaments passed down from the mother. 


We believe plenty of fresh air and exercise is very important for the health of the dogs. All our dogs can be called by name and are like members of our family. The same can also be said for our cows. I have a name for each and enjoy the families input when coming up with names for new additions to our small herd. 


Thank you so much for visiting our website and we hope you enjoy seeing the puppies. We also invite you to come to visit the farm and meet them in person.                       


Wishing You Blessing And Joy 


- Paul Miller        

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